How to become a successful motivational speaker?

successful motivational speaker

Conversation is the art of our life that teaches us to rule the hearts of others. This is such an art that you can easily guess not only the thoughts or feelings of any person, but also the moral condition of the speaker by listening to the conversation. Many times, someone’s speech keeps motivating us for a long time in life, by which we are able to face our difficult times easily. If you have this skill then you can become a motivational speaker. But those who are unaware of this art, they neither find their own personality nor can they go right to their work. While every human wants to get success in his life. Because of this, where superstition is seen in the society today as these monks, fakirs or tantrikas. Some spend their time and money in these superstitions, in some form or the other, for the sake of happiness, some for promotion in their work. All the powers that are in this universe are in us from birth and all those powers have the power of universal conversation. If we work on the strength of this power, our identity will be different even in the crowd of millions.

So, through this article, we can focus on some points and improve the art of our conversation. So that we can also improve our personality.

1.The main rule of good conversation

We would never like to prove that he who talks more is the best speaker because respect for intelligence and intelligence in the world is also incomparable. If he does not have a store of soft, sweet and worthy words, then despite all those qualities, he cannot become the king of hearts. Then no matter how much wealth or power he has. In whose conversation tone is gentleness, sweetness, happiness, kindness and encouragement, in reality the person is a magician.

The main thing under this rule is that we should avoid wasteful things. The matter should be the same so that your purpose is fulfilled. Because the shorter the conversation, the more attractive and effective it will be.

2.Prepare to go

If you are going to give a speech, then it is very important to be well prepared for any topic you want to speak because getting stuck while giving a speech is not the identity of a good speaker. You give yourself enough time for good preparation. Take recourse to newspaper, TV, video or internet, if possible, record your speech and listen to it, it will help you where mistakes have been made.

The content of the subject of your speech should be very attractive and great. You should not forget this thing, no matter how good a speaker you are, if your content is not good then people will not enjoy your speech.

3.Go with confidence

Always assure yourself that the mind should indicate that you are a successful speaker because the result comes in the same way as you think in your mind. If you point your mind towards the work direction, then you start doing the same thing, suppose you have repeatedly indicated to your brain that if you fail, you will surely fail. So always keep giving your mind and brain a sign of success and confidence that you will be happy. Never think of yourself as weak, never consider yourself a loser.

Keep in mind – “Thinking of yourself as weak is the biggest sin.”

4.Do not repeat the matter repeatedly

During the conversation or speech, you should not repeat your talk again and again. Some people keep repeating such words again and again during the talks – like, many people etc. Suppose you have been given a time period of ten minutes and in that time you keep repeating such words, then how will your talk or speech be completed? The purpose with which you started the speech will remain incomplete and the attention of the audience will shift away from the original thing to your repeating habit, then repeating the thing again and again affects our personality among the people.

5.Make the conversation exciting

Special attention has to be paid to the fact that during the talk or speech your manner of speaking should be very interesting. When the listener becomes engrossed in the talk of a speaker, then in reality he is a skilled speaker. Your conversation should be in accordance with the choice, education and nature of the other person. Listeners never feel boring when you give a friendly atmosphere to your listeners and talk about their problems or business. Some stories you tell about yourself, talk about their life, when all this will be included in your manner of speaking, then the listener adopts you easily and listens to your speech till the end, which is a great achievement of a speaker it occurs.

6.Speech without seeing

This quality is the main quality of a skilled speaker. Whatever you want to express in front of the audience, make an image of it in your own mind and be fearless and speak the whole speech from the heart. If your speech is long, then you must take some key points in writing. But go on practicing it in such a way that the listeners feel that you are speaking and not reading. The habit of speaking without looking gives you the identity of a skilled speaker. Never imitate a speaker, whatever he says, with full preparation, speak from the heart. But, if you are not able to speak well without looking, then you can say it right because you are comfortable while speaking.

7.Keep away from personal problems

If you have any problem with yourself, never let your problem be expressed because problems do not happen in whose life. Encourage the audience with full vigor, avoiding personal problems from their work. Always remember that you are on the stage only because of the audience. Because of this your first task is to be happy and live up to the expectations of the audience. The speaker who speaks big things never affects the listener, while the elder person is the one who talks about the land, such a speaker achieves every position in the society with his name which he wants to do is. Present your point like a normal person.

8.Never start a conversation with an apology

Many people get nervous before they can say something and start to feel weak, then they start speaking with words like ‘sorry’ to rectify their mistake. . Many people even say their words, “I was not able to come here but you all gave me so much respect by calling me here, etc.” If you also speak in this way, you will waste your time along with the listeners.

9.Do not panic by mistake

There is no person in the world who has never made a mistake. It is natural for humans to be wrong. Just keep in mind that even if you get stuck somewhere during the speech or if there is a grammatical (mistake) mistake, then you should come to hide that situation very intelligently with your speaking style. In such a situation, you can also make fun of your mistake or by saying ‘sorry’ in simple words, you can move forward. In such a situation, no one will pay attention to your mistake.

10.Keep in mind the time period

It means that you understand the importance of time. Many times this happens, the beginning of the speaker’s speech is excellent, but his talk goes on so much that the speaker does not even care about time. It is natural for the audience to be bored. Make your script of weighing and brilliant and complete your talk in less words in a timely manner. Taking care of time is the skill of a good speaker.

11.Never forget to say thanks

Just as the beginning of a conversation should be interesting, in the same way the end of the conversation should also be effective. The end of the speech should be so powerful that people feel good and proud while standing and honoring you with enthusiasm and applause. For years, people can remember you, you can also use any poetry, jokes or the idea of ​​a particular person at the end of the speech. Because the end of the speech or the conversation ends with positivity, that moment also becomes memorable for the audience. In the end the most important thing is that you should not forget to thank all the organizers who kept your program organized, such as thank you to the sponsors, organizers, listeners etc. for their support.

12.Continually increase your knowledge

This one line of Socrates is a complete answer in itself – “True knowledge lies in it that you do not know anything.” When we have this feeling inside us only then we will be able to increase our knowledge continuously. To increase knowledge, you should keep studying good books and magazines etc. With which you will be able to increase your knowledge, thoughts, behavior, character and vocabulary more. If you find something good during the study, note it immediately, which will greatly improve the art of your conversation. We keep a check on all the news happening in the country and the world by continuously acquiring knowledge. Then when you put these information in your speech, the audience also feels good.

No matter how good a speaker you are, you should never stop learning, with constant practice, preparation, hard work, dedication and humility, you can achieve not only a high level speaker but any place in the world. “think then talk.” This thing was as meaningful as it is today. Always take care of it. So, considering all these rules, why not join the ranks of a good speaker

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