Fruits and their benefits

Fruits benefits

Since ancient times man has been using tuber-root-fruit in food. Also, fruits are the most popular food of all. Fruits are nutritious, they are also full of vitamins and natural salts. Which are very useful for our health, in the absence of these, the body becomes sick and weak.

Fruits have a predominance of sweetness. Our digestive system does not have to do special labor in digesting fruits. To cure stomach upset, no other good food than fruit can be imagined. The benefits of using fruit juice are even quicker. Because of fruits and their benefits, humans have been using it in their food. Other foods are also easily digested using fruits. Many fruits contain a food item called peptin which helps in digestion of food. Digestive juice is also more secreted from the stomach due to the presence of fruits.

Fruit juices are anthelmintic. By using them, germs of the disease located in our body are destroyed because the germs cannot stay in contact for a moment, coming in contact with the citic acid that is in the fruits. Lemon and sour apple juice makes this work faster. Lemon juice is useful to clean the mouth and teeth in pyorrhea due to its anthelmintic effect. Boil raw mango in summer and add sugar-salt to it and drink it to cool the body and there is no risk of heat stroke.

If any food can be given to a fever patient, it is only fruit juice. It is good to give juice of pineapple, pomegranate, orange, apple etc. to a fever patient.

Fruits should be chewed and eaten otherwise they can cause gas.. They should be crushed with teeth until their juice is formed in the mouth. Those whose teeth are not strong should eat small pieces of fruits like apple, pear, and pineapple. Also the fruits should be fresh, well ripened. Eating rotten or raw fruits can cause stomach discomfort. Therefore caution should be taken. Fruit juice is digestible because it is very useful food for children.

All fruits come with much nutritious diet, due to which they are important part of balance diet. You can get information about fruits in these Hindi from here.

Fruits must be included in the balance diet due to their benefits. People who eat fruits every day are less likely to become ill. Fruits give such essential diet which is very beneficial for health and brain health. Vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants necessary to fight disease are also found in all fruits. Eating fruits everyday reduces the chances of getting many diseases like-

Heart disease, high blood pressure, type-2 diabetes, some types of cancer

Benefits of fruits

  1. Fruits contain dietary fiber which reduces the risk of heart disease and obesity.
  2. Fruits are low in calories and fat. Fruits also provide simple sugar, fiber and vitamins.
  3. Fruit is a good base of dietary fiber, thereby maintaining normal levels of good cholesterol. Apart from this, problems like constipation are also avoided.
  4. All fruits are full of minerals which are beneficial for digestive power.
  5. Due to vitamin C in fruits, they help in keeping the immune system strong and healthy.
  6. Phytonutrients are found in plenty in fruits which do not allow the tissue to deteriorate.

Important things related to fruits

  1. Fruits are healthy snacks. They do not contain calories, saturated fat and sodium, which are harmful to the body. Apart from this, there is no cholesterol.
  2. There are many nutritious foods in fruits like potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and folic acid as compared to the rest.
  3. Blood pressure remains normal due to a diet rich in potassium. Potassium is found in bananas, dried peaches and orange juice.
  4. Dietary fiber from fruits is part of a healthy diet. It helps in reducing cholesterol level which reduces the chances of heart disease. Consuming fiber keeps the stomach full for a long time, which helps in maintaining normal weight.
  5. Vitamin C is known to cure body tissue. With the help of vitamin C, teeth also remain healthy.
  6. Eating fruits keeps the mind healthy. To improve the state of mind, include fruits in your diet.

Along with the benefits of all these fruits, a few things should be kept in mind-

Fruits contain natural sugar. Consumption of fruits in high amounts can lead to impaired insulin and glucose levels. People, who have diabetes or those who are on the way to lose weight, do not consume more quantity of fruits. Eat less than 2 or 2 fruits a day. When it comes to eating fruits daily, consume fruits according to the season.

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