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Global Mobile Entertainment Market: International Assessment Global Mobile Entertainment (MEME) has reported that Asia Pacific as a region contributes more to the world’s entertainment consumption than any other place. Asian consumers are spending more on entertainment through mobile phones. However, there are challenges in this regard. Globally, Asian consumers are spending more on automobiles and other vehicles than the usual. The growing middle class in countries like Japan, Korea and China is also creating a demanding consumers market for mobile phone usage. This has triggered a shift in the global approach of mobile entertainment.

Asia Pacific is now a world leader in terms of mobile entertainment through smart phones and tablet PCs. Asia Pacific is also facing challenges in terms of the rise of the smartphone penetration in the market. Smartphones are now the most preferred gadgets among the younger generation. In addition, the younger generation is also paying more attention to entertainment through mobile phones.

Smartphones have also helped in the rise of entertainment through apps. Most smartphone users are aware of entertainment options like TV shows, films and videos, social networking sites, local maps and so forth. Some popular apps in the Android market provide access to the famous television shows and films. These television shows and films can be watched on the go, even when you are travelling or waiting at a bus stop. It is an amazing feature of smartphones, which is not available in earlier mobile devices.

There are some interesting entertainment options available in the Android app market, which act as portals to the real world. For example, there are restaurants and hotels that are listed in the mobile devices. Users can find the best Asian restaurants, hotels and restaurants across different cities and countries, with the help of the restaurant and hotel smartphone apps.

Movies and trailers can also be downloaded from the Android market to help users find the right entertainment. Most smartphone users prefer to watch movies on their mobile devices while on the move. The entertainment options available in the smartphone apps are vast.

Entertainment through apps can be of two types – paid and free. Paid apps are used to get hold of the latest games and entertainment options. However, free entertainment apps can be used to download games, movies and trailers. Most entertainment users spent a lot of time in front of their smartphones, checking out what new apps are launched and what apps they missed the last time. Entertainment through apps can also include social networking sites.

Many entertainment companies are trying to tap into the entertainment market through their smartphone apps. Zynga has recently launched its Just Match application, exclusively for Facebook users, which will allow the Facebook friends of smartphone users to compete against each other in games that require the use of Facebook. This application is being used by more than 10 million people around the world. Similarly, there are other companies offering apps for smart phones allowing the users to access live concerts and playlists from top music companies like Apple, Google, and Nokia. These apps help the existing users of these brands to access their concert tickets and upcoming shows.

The demand for in the mobile entertainment market has created opportunities for operators in different regions of the world. O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange in the United Kingdom, Nokia, Samsung, Vodafone, Telefone, and O2 in France, LG in the European continent, and HTC in Asia Pacific are working on different service models. In Indonesia, Hiitel already has plans to offer local calling services through its mobile app.

It is projected that this year will be the hottest year in the mobile entertainment market. The reasons for this are varied. Smartphones devices in Asia Pacific countries are increasing at a very fast pace due to the low pricing, excellent features, and convenience offered by these mobiles. In North America, the price of smartphones in Canada is still affordable compared to the price of the similar model in south America.

With the expansion of these service models mobile entertainment market in Asia Pacific is expected to grow even further. A further growth can be seen in future if manufacturers in Asia Pacific countries start creating customized mobile apps tailored for their local audience. These service models will further allow users to interact with their audience on a more personal level. This could also lead to the growth of the pay-per-view viewing of movies and TV programs. The opening up of mobile devices in Asia Pacific countries like China, Taiwan, and Malaysia is also likely to trigger an increase in demand for Internet service providers in these regions.

Mobile R&D professionals must continue to work on new technology and application models to deliver innovative mobile entertainment market solutions. It is expected that we will witness a number of new device launches, augmented reality services, and media application that will continue to improve customer experience and deliver exceptional user experiences. For more information on R&D industry in the Asia Pacific region, visit Trusted Edge. Learn about the latest innovations in this fast-paced world!

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