Best wordpress social media plugins

wordpress social media plugins

There are many social media plugins available for WordPress that make it important for beginners to decide on the simplest plugin. Throughout this article, we are going to show you a number of the simplest social media plug-ins for WordPress that you can just install immediately.

The main problem with most social media plugins for WordPress is performance, as these plugins require additional stylesheets and scripts to be loaded. The use of best WordPress social media plugins is what you need to find a balance between the features and performance of your WordPress site. If your website is slowing down and affecting user experience, a social media plugin with features is less useful.

Next, you will want to make up your mind which social networks will be featured more prominently on your website. Adding fewer options can reduce clutter and provide a better user experience.

Many social media plugins can show you social icons within the sidebar, below the article, before the article. You’ll want to choose how you want to display them on your site and if the plugin supports that option.

Take a look at the best WordPress social media plugins.

EA Share Count

EA Share Count is the fastest social media plugin on this list, and also the simplest to use. It comes in highest numbers among the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stamilupan, Pintrest and LinkedIn.

The plug-in tries to inspire a social share number for every network. You would be in favor of showing the full number of shares on all networks.

The EA share count is hosted on GitHub. If you have not previously installed the plug-in from GitHub, please follow the instructions on how to install the WordPress plug-in from GitHub.

 Sassy social part

Sassy is a simple to use social media plugin for WordPress, which has many options for social sharing. It comes with support for many different social media websites, and you can still add posts as sticky floating social menu buttons.


AddtoAny can be a social sharing tool that is also available as a WordPress plugin. It offers several social media platforms, floating and standard social sharing bars, and a universal sharing menu.

It can show the number of social shares without creating an account and provides Google Analytics integration AddtoAny provides a smaller footprint on performance compared to other similar tools that supply global social sharing buttons.

Buffer WordPress

Buffers can be a popular social media tool that enables you to schedule your posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. The WordPress to Buffer plugin allows you to automatically add new posts to your Buffer account so that they can be shared on your social media profile.

Simple Social Icons

Like the name, Easy Social Icon displays the social media icon during the sidebar widget. You will be able to select that color, so that you enter the URL for the social media accounts you display.

It has a limited number of social media platforms covering all important and popular services. It is very easy to use and has minimal impact on performance

Social Icons Widget

Social Icons Widget allows you to simply add social media icons to your WordPress sidebar. It offers three icon styles: circular borders, round and square. If you wish, you will also use custom colors for the mouse.

After activation, you want to go to the Appearance »Widget page and add the social icon widget to your sidebar. Change the default URL with your own social media profile or click Add to add the replacement service.

WordPress Social Login

Want to allow users to use your social media account, login and comment? WordPress social login allows you to try and do this

A large range of social networks are easy to use and supports. It includes modules to indicate User Insight, User Manager, Contact Manager and a BuddyPress component.

Restart old posts

Resume old posts plugin allows you to automatically share your old media posts to your social media account. In this way, you can maintain social media accounts. This gives your users the opportunity to include and explore popular content from your site.

Instagram feed

Want to display your Instagram photos in WordPress? The Instagram feed allows you to display your recent Instagram photos in WordPress beautifully.

You must generate an Instagram login token. You will then use the available shortcodes to display the feed, including posts, pages, or sidebar widgets anywhere on your site.

Algory Social Share Button Pro

WordPress Plugin Premium Algori Social Share Button Pro allows you to easily add social media sharing buttons to your website. Adding these popular social sharing buttons allows visitors to your website to easily promote and share their content with their friends.

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