How A Personal Injury Lawsuit Works

Many people that undergo injury and want to file for personal injury claim often face plenty of confusion about the stages of the case. They also have questions regarding the time duration of the case. Therefore, it is important for you to know about the entire process of a personal injury case proceeding, and how it moves forward into conclusion. Below, you will find out about some of the early stages of a personal injury lawsuit case.

Pre-litigation and Investigation

The very first step of a personal injury lawsuit is pre-litigation. This stage is also the investigation phase. When an attorney gets a call from a client and they explain to them about what happened, the attorneys collect all the details about how the injury took place.

These details are regarding how the accident took place, and where the client suffered injury. In other words, an attorney will do plenty if of investigatory work during this process. This includes going to the scene and taking a look at what may be the possible causes of the incident that lead to the injury.

For instance, if the case is simply a trip and fall, and attorney will go to the scene of action and inspect small nuances that can lean the case towards your favor. A personal injury lawyer will also take pictures of the incident from close up and far away.

They will also conduct a comprehensive interview from the injured individual so that they understand how the accident and injury has taken a toll on them. Furthermore, they will also see if the individual has lost wages, or missed time from work, and had to pay hefty medical bills.

Letter of Representation

Personal injury lawyers are also responsible for sending an initial letter of representation to all of the parties involved in a client’s injury. For instance, if you get into an auto accident, then the lawyers will send the letter to the insurance companies of all of the vehicles that were involved.

If the client tripped and fell which caused an injury, and a building owner is at fault, the lawyer will send the letter to the building owner’s insurance company. Usually, Attorneys will try to find insurance because insurance will be the financial safety net that will pay for the ultimate compensation to the client.

Investigative Stage

In the investigative stage, the client must get their medical care. They have to go to the right doctors and make sure that they get the diagnostic testing. Once you get the medical record with the diagnostic testing, then the attorneys can either put a package together or send it to the bodily injury adjuster.

This helps attorneys negotiate the case and try to get a settlement. If the case is relatively small, then attorneys can settle it pre-litigation. On the other hand, if it is a larger and more serious injury, then you need to have a medical record so that the attorneys can file a lawsuit.

To Conclude

Getting a good personal injury lawyer for your case can help you efficiently move your case into progression. Attorneys can help clients move the case through the court system and get to trial. Good lawyers ultimately do the best they can for the clients and help injury victims and families get maximum compensation.

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